Investment Approach | Briggs Acquisitions
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Our investment approach is based on logic, long term partnerships and continued growth. Briggs Acquisitions carefully monitors economic conditions and identifies sectors within healthcare that have long-term growth prospects and works with experienced experts in each of these sectors. We believe in working with a large group of advisors, senior management executives and operating partners. This allows us to bring a wealth of investment experience, capital, M&A expertise, and international capabilities to execute on our initiatives. 

The ideal scene includes working with the pre-existing management of a company after the acquisition. As a partner, Briggs Acquisitions seeks to invest in and support businesses in their growth and expansion. This can include investment to increase market share within a territory, acquisition of local competitors to establish a market leader and de novo growth strategies. We can help in unlocking these opportunities and strategically navigating the risks. 


Technology is a critical factor in our investment approach. We believe lower and middle-market companies can greatly benefit from technology. The continued integration of these factors and technologies influence will continue to expand. Lower and middle-market companies will benefit by becoming more interconnected, using global resources and by accessing the international marketplace. 

Investment and innovation in healthcare have created an incredibly exciting future. We believe that healthcare will be radically different in the future. These advances will ultimately lead to a significantly higher level of patient care. 

Company Attributes

◦ EBITDA Range: $5-50M

◦ Talented Management Teams

◦ Opportunities for growth through investment

◦ Expansion through mergers and acquisitions

◦ Long-term growth perspective

◦ Limited exposure to economic swings and industry events. 

Transaction Types

◦ Consolidations & Roll-Ups

◦ Majority or minority positions with management control

◦ Divestitures & family-owned businesses seeking liquidity

Use of Proceeds

◦ Organic growth

◦ Mergers & Acquisitions

◦ De Novo Growth Strategies