Matthew C. Briggs | Briggs Acquisitions
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Matthew C. Briggs

Matthew C. Briggs’ accomplishments are the result of partnering with others and inspiring them with his vision of a brighter future. He strongly believes in being a “Chief Delegation Officer” and not a jack of all trades. Combined with his incredible work ethic, focus and creativity he’s been involved in a wide variety of businesses over the years.



Due to the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, Matt started his investing journey in the real estate market. Through the assistance and backing of a mentor, he was able to complete his first transaction at the age of 17. He focused on a wide variety of distressed investment strategies, such as: tax deeds, pre-foreclosures, short sales, probate, and mismanaged single-family investor-owned properties. It was at that point, he discovered his natural penchant for deal-making. His interest in finance was further cemented after an investment banking internship where he assisted on an $850M capital raising mandate and analyzed high growth companies for potential investment opportunities via high yield and mezzanine financing.



In 2012, Matthew C. Briggs founded OWDC, an online advertising consulting agency targeting the international Casino and Gambling industry. He ran successful campaigns both directly and through third party gaming agencies in Australia, Denmark, South Africa, Switzerland, Hungary, New Zealand, Lithuania, Finland, Romania, Italy, Germany, and Russia. He was tapped in 2014 to become the CEO of an all-natural health supplement brand. During his tenure, he completely rebranded the company’s product line offering and expanded distribution. Then he engineered and executed the asset sale to a larger competitor. After the acquisition, he became the CEO of the larger entity and worked on the integration of assets and further expanded distribution internationally. Over the years, he’s consulted for companies within the apparel, home furnishing, event, and hospitality industry.



Briggs Acquisitions

In 2022, Matthew C. Briggs founded Briggs Acquisitions, a privately held investment group that invests in lower and middle-market companies within the healthcare industry through buyouts, mergers and acquisitions, and consolidations. As an avid reader of biographies, business, and foreign policy books, Matt was inspired by the acquisition-oriented business models of Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, and Cecil Rhodes. He’s sought to replicate their models within today’s business world with substantially greater emphasis on ethical and moral standards.

As he genuinely enjoys seeing other’s do better in life, he’s chosen to target healthcare. He understands the need for improvement within the industry from family experience and extensive industry research. Matt aspires to cause industry wide improvements of patient care.

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